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Walsall Manor Hospital

Wrong/Mis Diagnosis

My daughter was ill and her iron levels were .25 off a blood transfusion. She had various tests at the Manor. The tests came back as inconclusive. The Doctor/Consultant wrote to my daughter telling her the reason why her iron levels were very low must be due to her menstruating. We had to laugh as my daughter's iron levels were so low she hadn't had a period for 15 months. She had got depleted red blood cells which was impossible for her to menstruate. We were so disgusted with this outcome we requested that we were transferred to Newcross Hospital. I didn't complain as 'What is the point'. PALS never respond. I would like to think if I did complain the hospital would learn lessons but time and time again in speaking to friends and family the Manor fail everytime. I don't wish to be contacted by anyone as we are sorted now thanks to Newcross.