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Our Spotlight On event happened on Thursday 23rd May and the subject was Walsall Manor Hospital. With Guest speakers and a vocal audience.

Download the Power Point Slides and Papers used at meeting

Spotlight on the Manor 23519 Q&Asession

HWW spotlight May 2019

Healthwatch Walsall’s ‘Spotlight On…’ briefings are an opportunity to hear from Walsall health and social care providers about topics that the public have highlighted to us as topics they would like to know more about. Or it may be to highlight changes or developments in health and social care services.

We have invited those providers to come and deliver briefings at our public meetings so that you the public have the opportunity to listen and then questions of them about any issues you are concerned about regarding the service in general or about specific parts in their presentations.

At this ‘Spotlight On…’ meeting, we heard from Richard Beeken – Chief Executive of the Walsall Healthcare Trust.
He spoke openly about the challenges and practices that need to be overcome and addressed at the hospital. The current financial situation, the need for improvements on some of the buildings used at Walsall Manor Hospital and the frustration with funding models that affect the Hospital.

Dr Esther Waterhouse, Consultant in Palliative Medicine at the Manor. Spoke about the unnecessary dispatch of a typical elderly patient to the hospital. Especially with complex conditions who unfortunately passed away in hospital. Those with end of life wishes who wish to remain in familiar surroundings should be discussed with family and friends to ensure patient’s wishes are respected.

Richard Beeken and Dr. Esther did not present using slides, they gave a verbal presentation, so they are not included in the slides.

Open, frank and thought-provoking presentations.

Kath Brown, a volunteer from the Self Care Management team in Walsall spoke about her own patient experiences and how the Self Care Programme that exists and she promotes can add benefits not only to a patients wellbeing but reduces the need to access acute services such as GPs and Hospitals. See Kaths’ presentation in our download.

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