Join our ‘Outreach With Locals’ (OWL) brigade

This is your opportunity to make a difference!

Healthwatch Walsall still has some very important roles in these difficult times.

These are great opportunities to become involved in health and social care issues and to make a difference to those people living in Walsall


  • Tell your friends, families and any groups you are involved with about Healthwatch Walsall, what we do and how we work.
  • Tell everyone you know about our extensive Healthwatch Walsall website which has a lot of local information about us.


  • Use and share with others our Feedback Centre for people to leave a review about any health and social care service experiences.
  • Link:
  • Follow us on social media through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and have a look at our YouTube page.
  • Receive FREE training so you can update your skills and include on your C.V. if you become a Healthwatch volunteer.
  • Or simply share our details with your bubble.

To become an OWL contact us by Email: or by Telephone: 0800 470 1660

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