It’s not too late to get your flu jab

People in Walsall are being reminded that it’s not too late to get a flu jab.
At this time of the year, health professionals see an increasing number of people get the flu
which can be avoided by having the flu jab.

The flu jab is especially important for children aged 2-11 years, over-65s, pregnant women
and those with a long-term health condition. Flu is dangerous for people in these groups,
and they are entitled to receive a free NHS flu vaccine.

Dr Anand Rischie, GP at Pleck Health Centre and Chair at NHS Walsall Clinical
Commissioning Group said: “There are still a number of GP surgeries and pharmacies in
Walsall that have flu vaccines available. If you or someone you care for hasn’t had the
vaccine, please contact your GP or pharmacy.

“Flu can spread rapidly and as a GP, I would encourage as many people as possible to
have the flu jab – protecting themselves, their friends and family.”

For many people, a bout of flu will make you feel miserable for a week or so, but for people
who are at risk of developing serious health problems, it can cause bronchitis, pneumonia
and sometimes death.Stephen Gunther, Director of Public Health at Walsall Council said: “Flu is circulating in
the Walsall area, so it’s important that everyone who can get the free NHS flu jab knows it’s
not too late to get one.

The flu jab is the best protection we have against this unpredictable
virus. Don’t delay, ask your GP or local pharmacy and get protected as soon as possible.”
Frontline NHS healthcare workers, as well as care home and home care teams, are also
being urged to take up free vaccinations offered through their employers, so that they
reduce the risk of passing on an infection to their vulnerable patients.
For more information on the NHS flu vaccine, visit

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