Healthwatch Walsall Projects

Healthwatch carry out independent research and evaluations on different aspects of health and social care that are driven by feedback that we receive from the public. 

The aim of Healthwatch Walsall is to give citizens and communities a stronger voice to influence and challenge how health and social care services are provided within their locality. Local Healthwatch provides, or signposts, people to information to help them make choices about health and care services.

Healthwatch is about both obtaining views and experiences about health and social care from the public and sharing information we have gathered about these services with the public. We do this by engaging with Walsall communities and especially with those whose voices are seldom heard.

Engagement can be anything from having conversations with people about their experiences of using services, to surveys, consultations, and involvement in service redesign.

2020/ 2021 Projects/ Work

We have three set pieces of work for this year. But we react to intelligence driven by service users experiences which can lead to an unplanned piece of work.

  1. Methods of Communication with General Practice (GP) Surgeries 
  2. Patient Communication at walsall Manor Hospital
  3. Project from our COVID-19 survey.

Our finding will be placed into a report with any recommendations which will be shared with commissioners, service providers, the public, Local Authority, Walsall Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Healthwatch England and any other interested parties

2021 /2022 Projects soon to be identified.