How are you finding access to health and social care services for NON COVID-19 issues?

Nationally Healthwatch are picking up queries and concerns over services that people would usually access such as:

  • Regular treatment and monitoring that is usually provided in community/primary care settings, i.e B12 injections, hormonal treatments, INR tests etc.
  • Community nursing services for wound care
  • Maternity – in particular, Healthwatch have heard that pregnant people are experiencing anxiety about attending hospital appointments and birthing units. In other areas concerns have been raised about the cancellation of home births due to safety reasons
  • Transport – People who are shielding continue to raise the issue of accessing hospital treatment

We’d like to build up a better picture of how people in Walsall are managing, or not, to access services.

Let us know your experience of what’s working and where you’re finding it difficult to access services.

Email: or call 0800 470 1660  and speak to a member of the Healthwatch team.

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