1st Friday Focus…

We are holding online meetings via Zoom, the 1st Friday of every month. The theme of the meetings will change but will be guided by what you the public highlight or by changes in services that affect people’s health and social care.

To book your place at any of the meetings simply drop us an Email: info@healthwatchwalsall.co.uk or Telephone: 0800 470 1660.

Below is a list of the meetings held which are a mix of open discussion, presentation from a representative from that service, and an open Q&A session with presenters and attendees.


Friday 3rd July – Subject: Domiciliary Care

Open discussion about what is happening in Dom Care in Walsall

Friday 7th August – Subject: Primary Care Networks

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Friday 4th September – Subject: Methods of Access to GP Surgeries

Open discussion around peoples experiences of accessing their GP services

Friday 2nd October – Subject: Mental Health During COVID-19

Open discussion around peoples mental health, coping and not coping and what services are available

Friday 6th November – Subject: The New Build A&E in Walsall

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Friday 4th December – Subject: Communication from Walsall Manor Hospital

Open discussion around peoples experience of communicating with the hospital, focus group


Friday 8th January – Subject: For Urgent Medical Care, Call 111

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Friday 5th February – Subject: Adult Safeguarding

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Friday 5th March – Subject: Are You a Young Person…who has been on a hospital ward?

Open discussion around young peoples experience on transitioning from children to adult wards, focus group

Friday 9th April – Subject: Continuing Health Care & Personal Health Budgets…

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Friday 7th May – Subject: Diabetic Eye Screening

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Friday 4th June – Subject: Meds Management

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Friday 2nd July – Subject: Walsall Together. Learn how your health and social care services are changing in Walsall

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Friday 6th August – Subject: Our Annual Public Meeting and GP access

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Friday 3rd September – Subject: Walsall Urgent Treatment Centre

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Friday 1st October – Subject: Walsall How You Doing?

Open discussion from our launch Friday Focus Meeting.

Friday 5th November – Subject: What is Social Prescribing?

Click Here Social Prescribing in Walsall presentation

Click Here NHS Social prescribing video

Friday 3rd December – Subject Keeping Well in Winter

Click Here Dr. Sukhpal Gill presentation

Click Here NHS Guidance leaflet


Friday 7th January – Walsall Urgent Treatment Centre Focus Group

No presentation

Friday 7th February – Time2Talk

Click Here Time2Talk Manger presntation

Click Here Patient story audio file

Friday 4th March – Shared Care Records

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